Why was my account deleted?

I’m curious why my account was deleted. I’ve been on this forum for 7 years. Show up one day and my account has just been zapped!?!

I didn’t do it.

neither did I

I realize it might not be a big deal to everyone else. But ALL of my posts are gone as well. Including my post about Otis. That burns me more than anything.

Having a problem myself. This computer has me logged in already but I just came from my home computer where I could not log in – even after resetting my password.

Same here, was not me

And now you are a newbie. :lol:

Yup, irritates me as well. Was Otis’ account deleted? That would be sad. I still go out to his site to look at the pics and remind myself of my own mortality. Helps me to be a better guy while I am still here.

Hey guys, I realize none of the guest moderators deleted me. Someone at PMQ had to have done it. I’m just at a loss as to why. My guess (and hope) is they were trying to censor a specific post that I wrote and deleted my account by mistake. Either way, the censorship concerns me.

Yikes. Are you serious? Why would anyone delete your account? Have you tried contacting PMQ directly with your concern?


I tried calling Friday, but no answer. I guess they took off for Thanksgiving.

Check with Hunter at PMQ (662-234-5481 Ext. 130).
I’m guessing an error was made.
Tom Lehmann/TDD


I don’t know how it happened, but I was able to go into a backup of our database and retrieve your username, it has 394 posts associated with it.

Since you created your new account in the same name “Scott Hack” as your old account; your old account is now under username “Scott_Hack”.

You can view all of your old posts here: http://www.pmq.com/tt/search.php?search … Scott_Hack

Sorry about the inconvenience and we hope this doesn’t change your loyalty to the Think Tank and the PMQ community.

Hunter Thomas

Scott, would you want to delete the new account (duplicate name) and rename the old? Not sure if you posted much under the duplicate name.

scott, let me know if you want to switch back to old account and i will handle it

Thank you for fixing this problem…There were a great deal of very good posts made by Scott…Present and future users of TT can learn a lot by going through the archives…

Hunter, Thanks for getting that fixed up. If you could switch this Scott Hack and Scott_Hack back, that would be SWELL!

Thanks for getting it fixed so quickly.