Why We Buy the Products We Buy

I came across this article in Time (my wife got a subscription… I really, really don’t know why), and it caught my attention:

“Ideally, a manufacturer increases the quality of a product, and that in turn increases word of mouth and media coverage,” says Gigerenzer. “But advertising shortcuts this process. There’s no longer a connection to quality.”

This guy’s book is called Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious. Has anyone read this one yet? I think I’m going to go buy a copy… or maybe see if the library has it.

read the article, thanks,

there is something to be said to branding, people being creatures of habit, and the herding instinct…
subconsciously, to make a change has the feeling of risk, and that in itself keep people stuck.
I am most troubled when I see it in myself, and happy that I do and can give myself the option of change.