Why we won't do door hangers. LOL

[size=5]Bootle guard hit pizza leaflet deliverer because he was fed up with ‘junk mail’[/size]

Jun 19 2008

by Mark Johnson, Bootle Times

A SECURITY guard attacked a man who delivered a pizza shop leaflet through his door because he was fed up receiving junk mail.

South Sefton Magistrates Court heard John Scott, of Viola Street, Bootle, who had made requests for the leaflets to stop, made a racially aggravated attack on the delivery man, calling him “a p***”, and then punching him.

Prosecuting, Anthony Jackson said: “He (Scott) punched him in the face. He cut his lip and the complainant had a loose tooth.”

The victim also received kicks to the backside from Scott, described as previously of good character at the court on Thursday.

Defending, David Kilty said: “This is a messy incident. He (Scott) had asked for it not to be posted previously. It’s out of character for him.”

The court heard that Scott, who had worked as a security guard for four years, had shown remorse after the incident. He pleaded guilty to the offence.

District Judge Michael Abelson gave Scott 80 hours community service and ordered him to pay £250 in compensation to the victim.

That’s why we hit the neighborhoods with the newspaper boxes, we have a quick get away with the car.

From what I’ve been told the crazy stories from delivery drivers are half the fun of the business! :smiley:

In regard to the article - the attacker obviously has some deeper issues if he was making racial slurs and physically assaulting a person over a door hanger…that’s terrible. The guy needs help.