Wi-Fi Hotspot

Has anyone tried this? I am thinking of adding it to my new dining room.

We are a hotspot. It works well. We have a cafe/coffee shop settting for our dining room, so it fits in pretty well. We probably have 5-6 people a week come in and set up their computer and do some work. Some come in with their pda’s and check email, etc.

You’ll want to make sure of some security things if you have the internet on store computers. Make sure you have a regular router, that is routing your internet to jacks in the wall, then you can come off of one of those jacks and put a wireless router for the wifi. This way, someone can’t get from the wireless internet into you hardlined internet and breach your computers.

(that may not be totally technically correct, I’m not a tech guy, but that’s how I believe it was told to me. Just make sure you look into it.)

If you don’t have store computers on the internet, you don’t have to worry about it.

I have a hot spot at my pizza trailer that I got for personal use
it has gotten on bulletin board as a free hot spot on Quartzsite, AZ
have a few regulars that use it in their cars and RV’s, sometimes people open up a laptop at the table…
no problems or hassles with it,

You can setup your hotspot so it brings up a webpage 1st…This can be a one page advertisement for your business…You can put a note on the page about coming inside enjoying your great food while surfing…Or a virtual coupon…After viewing this page, you can set it up to log on with or with out a user name and password…Obviously if they need a password and user name they have to come inside…

Right now I am just deliver and have c/o,but since I am less than a mile away from 3 local high schools & the college I was thinking about adding maybe 20 tables or so and making it a Wi-Fi spot.

You gotta be kidding me. I had a guy recommend hot-spot to me also. I said that’s the last thing I want is some student camping at my table, nursing a coffee all afternoon doing his homework, Facebook, and e-mail - and maybe not even ordering a pizza - when I can turn that table 2-3 times. Just say no to wi-fi or watch you table turnover and profits decrease. Let the coffee shops keep that niche – we want turnover in the sit-down business!


It’s been my experience that Pizzerias are often too noisy for studying, so the Wi-Fi appears basically to be used by those wanting to “show off” their computers during the breaks between ordering and eating.

In my opinion, it would be a good thing to offer, as “time flies” when you’re on the internet.

I would think it would reduce customer “wait time” complaints if they had something to do while waiting.

Just my .02

I just saw a bit on the Seatle news where some guys came into a wi-fi hotspot cafe and did a grap and run with some girls laptop. The bit said that it has been done a few times in the last couple of weeks.

Just one more reason to not go there.

Well as I said since I’m just basically a delco and since I’m in a college town i want to get the students in and even if they just order a drink it will put my name on their mind so hopefully whenever they order pizza it will be from my place. And hopefully they will tell their friends and other students about us.


Sounds like it might work in your situation - esp if you are just starting sit-down. My problem is minimizing wait for limited sit-down spaces (I don’t do delivery and carry-out is limited) so I have the opposite problem and turning tables is my life during the tourist season. We do Neapolitan wood-fired pizza so the pie is on the table 4-5 mins from when they order it and keeping customers entertained while waiting is not a factor.


I am always looking for a place I can eat lunch and check email.

I think this is an inexpensive way to increase sales. On the flip side, if you have a small location with limited seating you don’t want “Freeloaders” taking up seating and only ordering a Soda! You could set some expectations, if this were the case, like “Order some food or get the hell out!” (This would work well for you NorthEast Operators).

But for me, if I can find a place that offers WiFi they are more apt to get my business.


Come on guys…one quote was someone grabed anothers laptop? So, if someone gabs someones change or tips you gonna stop accepting cash?
Bottom line is I have about 15 regulars that come in throughout the month, about 6-8 times each. They are usually there during the down times after 2 and gone before 5. Now with these regulars they ALWAYS spend more than enough $$ on their lunches (not counting the guests they introduce to my business) to cover my entire monthly phone/internet bill! So, if you can offer someone an additional service why not?

Granted I do have some slackers who pull up in a front parking spot & fire up their laptop, never coming in & never generating me any income. So, I added a password & only give it out to guests who I know “pay for it” through business.

Security, previously discussed is also important, don’t just hook it up. Have someone who knows what they are doing secure you system.

Additionally, if you are limited to tables and are worried about campers…like someone posted. You could always use table tents to designate “WiFi only tables” folks won’t mind sharing if they are only there for the WiFi, then offer them a FREE item to introduce them to your product.

Bottom line, we all spend tons of $$$ trying to bring folks into our stores, this is one additional benefit, it won’t appel to all folks but it will to some, use it! Don’t under estimate what that “potential regular” can bring to you in additional revenue!


You might check with your provider to see if what you are doing is allowed. You might have to get business service. While you are getting internet to the shop you might be able to free up a phone line that your CC processor users and run that over the internet, or you could even consider VOIP phone service, maybe too risky for a business that relies on the phones and CC so much.

You might want to limit speed to like 20KB/s per MAC address which will mostly prevent people from using the bandwidth to download hundreds of songs (while making it slow for everyone else) - just makes it annoying but still possible, but surfing the web and checking e-mail will not really be noticeably slower.

Personally, I would not run an entirely “open” wireless access point. This means people could be outside of your restaurant using it. You might consider something like a password system based on something that would be printed on the receipt. Or you could just put up a sign inside the store, today’s password is blah blah blah. You don’t want some creep sitting in his car stealing your internet access, right?

At the very least, if you run an entirely open point, make users accept a user agreement (this would pop up when they go to type in any URL in the browser the first time they connect) that says they won’t do anything dumb.

Store computers should not be affected very much. If you have Windows make sure you have passwords (and not “password”) required to login and on any “shares”. You could even segment your work network from the wireless network.

Who knows what the government is REQUIRING you to log by offering this service. :roll:

Maybe I should get into business doing WAPs for businesses. :smiley:

Having been an IT person for over 12 years, and having owned a wireless broadband company I know full well what is needed/required to do this setup. I just wanted opinions from others of what business implications might be. My new dining room has 104 seats in it, including the bar so a couple campers is not going to hurt. What I would like to know is if anyone has seen additional sales after they offered it? By the way, there is no other dining room in town that offers this.

I tried offering wi-fi. I seat 30 in my place. In the winter when I am slow, it as no big deal. When the summer came around, and my business gets very busy it was a major problem. I can vividly remember 3 different people set up each on a 4 top, computers plugged in, surfing the net. 2 of them were there for the entire lunch (2hours), and one was there for 4 hours. Not a single one bought more that 3-4 dollars worth of food the entire time. I lost 12-15 potential customers in that time because there were no open tables.
The same situation repeated itself the next week. The week after that, there was no longer wireless in my place.

It will differ for everyone. If you have limited seating, I would think twice about offering wi-fi

yes it relly works,I own a pizza shop in puerto rico and when i added wi-fi hotspot it boost up my clientell and yes make’s me more money.just don’t charge for that service make it free for every one!!! :stuck_out_tongue: and you will see more people in your pizza shop