Will a 1-Horsepower 60Qt. Hobart mix Pizza Dough???

I’m opening a third location and have found a H-600 60Qt. Hobart at a local school that is in great shape, used very gently for general mixing (no doughs) in storage for years and is for sale. My concern is it is only 1 horsepower. It is 3phase 208Volt which is suitable for my electric service. I currently have a P660 hobart which is 3hp and powers thru dough easily. I’ve seen other h600 mixers that are 2Hp but never a 1Hp unit. I mix a NY style dough using 50# flour and approx. 32#water in a batch. Is anyone using a similair HP mixer for pizza dough and how’s it doing? Slowing down during the mix? What speed are you using? My P660 only has two speeds and we mix on speed one for dough.
Thanks all.

Yes- the H600 will do fine with pizza dough- it is not as sturdy as P660- so limit the amount of flour used in the H600 to 25# only.

and just use speed 1 with the H-600 when mixing pizza dough.