Will cheese go lower??? Or is this the bottom?

Cheese was $1.61 block price on Friday. I paid $1.77 for 6lb blocks of WM Low-Moisture 100% Mozz. Just wondering what everyone else is paying. Saw an invoice for a Dominos Pizza store last week and they were paying about 10% below block price… Wish I had that contract.

So happy to see wheat hit a 4 year low also.

my rep wanted to charge more last week,telling me it was going to go up this week again.I bought a decent amount of block cheese based on this information on the old price of 1.76,the lowest it has been in a year.I just hope it stays south of 1.90 for 2012.

Currently 2.44 lb for grande whole milk block.

I’ll vote for lower, for the next month - then, dunnoe.

The important number is not the daily price, it’s the price at the far left of the column. The average of the week’s prices gives the trading price for the following week.

$1.5050 getting better. Last week I paid $2.12/lb Pizza Power 3% moz block from PFG, love to go under $2 for a bit… Pretty funny just pulled my invoices, the lowest I ever paid was on my opening order 4/10/10 @$1.75 and i bought a whopping fifty pounds of mozzarella lol topped out at $2.55 8/10/11. This has been a fun exercise, It’s pretty cool to have a year plus worth of data now vs. flying completely by the seat of my pants. I do believe I’m going to go through a lot more data points this week and be a little more aware of my surroundings. Also will be stocking up a bit on mozzarella in June. My busiest months…July and August conveniently happen to coincide with the highest prices I’ve paid in the last year and a half.

Wow, I was excited to get blocks at 1.85 today, the lowest I’ve paid in 3.5 years in the business. Although, I got stuck in the Grande trap early on. I noticed the WM that I usually get was .15 higher, is that normal? I’ve always seen them within a couple cents of each other until this week.

I’m about to cry.

We consistently pay over $3.70 a pound for Grande WM mozz. It’s killing us.

Reading your prices makes me weep. I have been in talks with another supplier about switching to Galbani for $2.56 a pound. We’d save between $9K - $11K in one year!

It would be the first time we’ve changed our cheese brand. I’d have to re-do all of our advertising which currently touts Grande.

block cheese has held steady at a low we haven `t seen in years,1.69.I guess the majority that thought it was gonna go up were wrong,fortunately!!