I have been frying my chicken wings with paprika for added color. I am thinking of adding chili powder to the paprika for added spicy flavor.

I am afraid that the oil will pick up the chili flavor then everything else (french fries / onion rings / mozzarella sticks…etc) will pick up the chili flavor. Anyone have any experience with this? Please let me know.

Ever get french fries from long john silvers? They taste like fish. I would say the oil definatly picks up flavors.

oil DOES transfer flavors, but the “severity” varies…yes, “old skool” says you fries in one fryer, fish in another…

filtering your oil helps…

w/mine, I could filter after each fried “batch”, but a bit impractical…

I would NOT season wings the way you do tho…

My preference is to pre-fry the wings, sauce & re-therm in the oven

oil definately picks up flavor, you should have one fryer dedicated to your wings and one dedicated to your other stuff

Hello Don,Oil is a sponge when it comes to soaking up flavors.Frying your wings is the best way to go but try seasoning and saucing at the end of frying this will get you more time and cleaner oil.Your best bet is definitely to get another fryer though just for your chix.products.By the way once your wings are sauced no one will see color of the actual wing.


Thats what I thought, I just didn’t want to experiment, thought I would come to the “EXPERTS”.

I appreciate everyones advice, and will buy a fryer dedicated just to chicken wings and thighs.

BTW, I am from Buffalo, NY and I know how to fry and sauce great wings, its in my blood. Although, now I find myself running a pizzeria in Taiwan and they don’t like the sauces, they prefer plain chicken with flavoring. That is why I am trying to spice them up with the chili. My biggest sellers believe it or not is chicken wings with “salt & pepper”. That is why I put the paprika on them to add color to them. Hopefully that will answer all the “aside” comments that were given.

Thanks again…Don

then I would still pre-fry…toss lightly in liquid margarine & your paprika/chili powder…

or may a “teriyaki” sauce, a garlic/parmasan sauce…

add some orange peel & hot peppers…

adapt the “method” 2 the local flavors…

the oven method will help “bake-in” the flavor profile you seek

do you bread your wings?, also marinating wings is a great way to get flavor into them.

he’s from Buffalo…breaded wings - ha!

Consider that animal products will render of fat of their own in the frying process. Chicken wings melt off their fat and callogen into the fryer oil with every batch. Given that essential flavors of the peppers are oil soluble, that will definitely carry into the oil.

We fry off wings for a few days and then treat the staff to fritters made with pizza dough chunks tossed in cinnamon sugar. The one fried late in the week ROCK while the ones earlier in the week are good, but nowhere near the deep flavor of later on . . . . chicken fat. Soybean gives a clean flavor and the schmaltz lays on flavor as it leaches into the oil.

some grease products on the market advertise reduced flavor transfer. Maybe they work, maybe not. I don’t use them. There is a known phenomenon, and manufacturers are trying to mediate it with their products.

I absolutetly agree, we will have 4 small seprate fryers

We fry 60-100 pounds (per week) of beer battered cod in one our fryers, and then we threw some fries in it. There was absolutly no flavor transfer. We use canola oil.

Canola appears to be one of the better natural oiks about flavor transfer. Soybean . . . the cheapy stuff . . . is fragile, not worth filtering, and transfers flavor a lot more. I suspect that unbattered chili seasoned raw chicken will be tougher on oil than battered fish. Chicken has so much water to cook out that it wears oil down very quickly in general.

Your food rep should be ab le to direct you to a suitable product if you need one.