Will robots put me out of business?

The Discovery channel is broadcasting a show at 10 PM tonight where they try to automate pizza delivery. Should be interesting and I’m definatly going to set my DVR to record it. The show is called Prototype This

http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/prototype-t … -this.html

Think of the possibilities … Never late for work or calling in sick at the last moment; Never on drugs or under the influence of alcohol; No PMT (if you have female drivers); no stopping off to pick up something to eat when on delivery; No stealing; No getting lost; No whinging about min rates on this forum (sorry had to get that one in :lol: ); No dirty or un-ironed uniforms or missing caps; Lower wage bill (oh that’s right, we already have that now by under paying, don’t we? :wink: Sorry had to get that one in as well).

Customers may end up spending more as they won’t need to tip the drivers. All they will have to do is give the robot a bit of a quick polish as a reward, so they save money and get a bit of exercise as well.

Hey the more I think about this the more I can’t wait for delivery robots to come on board.


I just saw the program and let me say you have nothing to worry about anytime soon,lol…

That was a ridiculous show. Blimp delivery? Come on! Ok for entertainment purposes, but had no practical uses. Now if they had pizza teleporting, that would be something to think about. “Can you beam me over a large pepperoni, extra cheese?” :lol:

I believe the politically correct term is “Android American”.

But what if the android originally came from Africa? Should we add a hyphen to that? Or, what if the parts were made in Africa but assembled in China??? Really, I suppose what you call it really comes down to what government programs are available to take advantage of.

Now you are just being silly. Human. Ha.