Will this make a good salad bar?

I’m thinking of purchasing a 6 foot true salad prep for a salad bar. True offers a sneeze guard that bolts right to it.

For the money it seems like a great machine but wanted to get some feedback from the pros. I would order it with the removable top pans rather than the hinged lid since it will be open all day long and much easier to clean and gain access too.

Any reason this wouldn’t work well or do I need to buy something like this that is designed as a salad bar?

I also like this salad bar but don’t know much about “Turbo Air”

Nobody has a salad bar?

Hey Freddy, can you give some more info on your store? What’s your concept? Do you have a pizza buffet as well?

Hi Freddy.

I suggest you get a unit designed as a salad bar that has a drain in the salad section for clean up.

George Mills

Have salad bar, we use ice with a drain, we,ve been setting it up daily 28 years ! People like it, it has good points :during busy rushes no need for salad maker saves labor, easy for servers plus less table time repeating dressings = less servers, you can get stainless ( ice or refrigerated) drop in units and build your own ( mofospizzaandpasta.com) check ours out,the bad: a lot of work to set it up each day, my wife and i usually do it, people poach salads !, dishonest waitstaff give them away for bigger tips, people make some pretty big messes (could tell you a few stories!). We are planning a second location and doing our salads in the kitchen,after much research and experience (true 60 inch),most cutting edge successful operators i read about are doing their salads in the kitchen,one other thought,we have added and subtracted many items over the years and many people have held me personally accountable for taking away their favorite item or dressing,and continue to hammer me on it for years! in the hope it will make me bring it
back,it is so easy to keep adding new delicious items, very hard to subtract!!! atlas metal industries drop in 1702.07 a city discount,galley line.com,rosy products.com-great price 408.00 24 by 72 by 6’’

Most Health departments will require that a salad bar be mechanically refrigerated. Most units can use Ice also giving the look of an iced unit but also being refrigerated for safety.

George Mills