Win $1,000 in My Pizza Video Contest Take 2

PMQ Pizza Magazine, PizzaTV Offer $1,000 Prize for Best Pizza Video

PMQ, the world’s authority on pizza, invites pizza makers and pizza fans to share their love of the world’s most popular food in the My Pizza Video Contest: Take Two.

Pizzeria owners, pizza chefs, pizza fans and videographers have the chance to win $1,000 by entering in PMQ Pizza Magazine and PizzaTV’s second annual video competition, “My Pizza Video Contest: Take Two.” Contestants can participate by submitting their best marketing or promotional video crafted to attract more customers. The deadline for submissions is July 15, 2017.

PMQ and PizzaTV’s panel of judges will select the winner based on one key criterion: Which video is most likely to help the pizzeria attract more customers and sell more pizza? The contest is open to the public and encompasses all type of creative expression using video. From a three-minute Youtube video to longer profiles and feature-length documentaries, contestants are free to experiment and craft their own unique message.

Visit to complete the entry form and find instructions on how to submit a video. Links to videos can also be submitted to To review last year’s My Pizza Video Contest entries, visit