Window Messages that work?

Hey Everyone,

I am looking into having a local painter put window messages on the front retail window. I wanted to ask what you all have seen work better than others? Specials? Delivery? Team Parties? Weekly Specials?



Are you talking permanent or temporary?

Personally, I’m not a fan of covering up windows with vinyl or drawings. Instead, a nice neon “we deliver” sign and a nice neon sign of your phone number. People like to see out the windows, and you want people to see in to see that you’re busy.

When i did do some window decorating, i got some window paint pens from the local staples, and sent my art student waitress out to do the writing/drawing. It was always kinda funny to watch her go out and get started on the window and then have to stop and come in to help because we’d get busy with people walking in. :smiley:

I usually had her put specials on the window, and i’d leave them up for a few days, and then go wash the windows and wash it off.