Wing Portion Strategy

Curious as to the strategy behind offering wings as a 12 ct versus a 10 ct? Also, interested to hear any feedback as to the results of offering a snack size portion of wings (say 6 ct). Is the answer to portion size, as simple as the chosen snack size is a 6 ct so operationally it makes sense to offer a 12 ct (keeping increments the same)? Or is the increase portion to get a few more dollars per order?

Thanks All

We do a 5 piece wing. Any multiple of 5 is just the 5 piece repeated. I do not do a new menu item for the larger orders. Keeps it simple and removes the mistakes people make when doing the larger orders (remembering to put all the extras on, etc.)

Currently we do orders of 6&12. They get a 50 cent discount on 12 wings instead of ordering 6&6. If they order 12, we don’t split it. We’re using a jumbo party wing currently but may switch to a whole wing. We actually just purchased a Cookshack smoker today, once we see how different styles of wings come out of the smoker, we’ll decide if we need to rethink how many in a portion and then of course the pricing.

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We switched to selling wings by the pound, listing the approximate count on our menus. This makes the inconsistencies in sizes better for both us and the customer. We offer a 1/2#, 1# and 2# sizes. (5,10,20). My advice; keep it simple. Eliminate mistakes. Keep it simple.

We sell by the 10. But do also offer a 5. Most of the chains in our area have switched to 8. We also have a place that offers “1” wing for $1.10