Wing Prices, what are you paying?

What’s everyone paying now? We’re up to $5.13lb with a forecasted price in September (from our vendor) of $6.67lb

$3.98 for fresh wings

I should add ours are precooked (steamed)

$3.68 fresh jumbo party wings

$3.64 today for fresh jumbo party wings.

I took wings off the menu in January. sales up 5%


$5.13/lb precooked wings

$5.46 pre-cooked wings

I’m wondering how taking wings off menu raises sales?

I don’t think it did. but at least it didn’t decrease.

I only sell 160lbs of fresh wings a week, after marinade and precooking them, I just want to get rid of them.

I sell a fresh chicken tenders like crazy over 1000 lbs a week, those too are the most expensive ive ever seen. $3.05 this week

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So crazy with the tenders!

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There isn’t much money in wings when I can get them. I sell mine for $1.50 each. I don’t care if I sell them or not. My food cost is better on boneless wings.

$2.85 for frozen uncooked wings at Sams Club.

Interesting…Do those wings have alot of pump in them? Like 30% flavored solution

My guess would be yes

$3.72 last week. Fresh Jumbo wings. Upstate NY, from US Foods.

Wings kept going up and up, the highest I paid was $3.98.
Then about a month ago they dropped 30 cents, I was thinking finally we are trending down… but theyve stayed at $3.68 for a few weeks now

There is going to be a shortage when football season hits. Price will be going way up from what I’ve been told. I’ve got a friend who is a food rep as well, he just doesn’t have my territory or I’d use him, I’ll see if he sees the same forecast

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If they do go up, Im taking them off the menu. Im fortunate that my customers dont order wings enough for it to be a problem

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