Wing Sauce Recipe

Does anyone have a wing sauce recipe that they can share?

What kind of sauce are you looking for? Traditional buffalo sauce is just equal parts of cayenne pepper sauce like Frank’s Original Red Hot or any of the many out there and margarine or butter.

There is a good one right on the FRANK’S label . . . 3 parts Frank’s Hot Sauce to 2 parts butter/margarine (we like the liquid marg). Use the original for mild . . .their Hotter Than Redhot for “hot” . . . and half/half for medium.

If your market is wanting to get away from trans fats, remember that margarine is one.

Our liquid margarine has never had trans fats . . . our wings are totally trans fat free! :smiley:

I did not know that there were zero trans fat margarines. Interesting.

Trans fats IIRC are generally from hydrogenation, which is to keep the fats solid at room temp. Since liquid margarine needs not be solid, the hydrogenation is not needed. I can find out our manufacturer and confirm their ingredients for anyone who wants it.

We use Glenview Farms liquid margarine from Sysco which is 0 Trans Fat.

Ask your Vendor about the RoseHill product. Boil three quarter gallon vinegar, butter (use more butter than called for) and add pineapple juice to reduce sharpness with respect to hot and mild.