wing sauce

does anyone have a decent teriyaki wing sauce recepie they would be willing to share. I have kikomans teriyaki and it is way to thin, I know I can get some corn starch and make a slurry to thicken it up, but I was wanting to see if anyone of you had any good recepies.

use honey with a little fresh garlic

If you want a commercial product that is thick enough to cling, then try kikkoman teyiyaki GLAZE. It is thick like cane syrup, and a little goes a long way. You can always make your own, if that is the goal, but this is the product we use. Right out of the bottle, it is really good. Customers complain when we try other thick sauces . . .they want that one.

we kind of cheat a little we use yoshidas marenade sauce for are terriaka wings it comes out with nice glaze not to thin plus doesnt smoke up are shop like the thin terry glaze. we buy it at sams club along with are franks hot sauce.

I’ve been working on a Teriyaki for the past few weeks (along with other sauces). I’ve made a good marinade with good flavor but I’m working on making it a glaze to better cling to the wings.

Corn starch can thicken it up but it is a bit tricky as it can clump up and cause the sauce to become to salty. I actually have a batch of teriyaki on the stove right now I am working on.

I’ve read some recipes that call for just simmering it until it thickens but those recipes are a bit more complex with fruit juices, fresh ginger, and even ketsup and such. I don’t want to do anything to complicated as this will have to be produced by the staff.

Going to play with corn starch again and try adjusting the sugar content right now and see what happens . . . Or maybe I will try adding honey rather than more sugar. Anyway, that’s what I have so far . . .

Hello AD, I start w/ 2 gal terriyaki,4 oz ginger powder,4 oz gran.garlic,2 oz dry seeded hot pepper flakes,1 qt.honey,1 qt. Apricot jam…simmer and wisk well for 20 min.and Voiella you’ll have an award winning Chinese style wing sauce. I sell almost as much of these as my wings.

Be supsicion is that any starch you use will be tempermental unless it is a modified corn starch. There’s a reason commercial food processors use it . . . ease of use and availability. It also freezes well without breaking sauces, but I digress. Gums and strarches will give an odd mouthfeel in my experience with this sort of sauce. When room temp, it will tend to congeal, and at heated temps thin out more. Chill and heat means more tempermentality.

Using a higher sugar content and reduction will quite possibly give the most esireable results. Sure, you gotta use a good bit of sugar to counter the salt of the soy sauce, and that’s the natue of the beast. Fruit juices and such can still be used as adjuncts. Remember that you are concentrating the flavors, so any spices will be way stronger.

I noticed the “modified” corn starch on product labels but didn’t think it was something entirely different. Regular corn starch has been difficult to work with producing varying results such as you speak of. Is modified corn starch readily available? Or is it something I would have to source out from a chemical/dry ingredient company?

I more than doubled the sugar content in my marinade recipe but the thickening effect did not happen. I may give it one more shot tonight, but I’m starting to get the feeling this Teriyaki sauce is not a good idea. I don’t want to have to rely on the staff to make judgements as to when something is done or has achieved the right consistency.

I’ve seen some recipes using ketsup as an ingredient. Anyone have an opinion on this?

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