Jut wonderin what you guys are doing as far as different sauces go. Currently we only offer Buffalo Wings and Boneless Wings in our spicy Buffalo Sauce and accomodating customers by doing them plain with a side of another sauce.

Thinking of adding a Mild, Honey BBQ, & Teriyaki but do not have the room for separate saucing bowls/containers for each…how do places that offer all these sauces manage with space limitaitions?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated…Also what do you guys package your wings in…we currently use 9x9 plastic containers for just about everything. Good thing is that items are easy to recognize so less mistakes. Bad thing is obviously hot foods are not ideally kept steaming in plastic.

Go 2 Wal-Mart & buy some stacking metal stands/grids - they lock together & we have 'em stacked 3 high to hold various bowls, condiments etc…

we also use 6x9 aluminum trays 4 wings, then put them in a pizza box, w/sauce & cel…holds 10-15 quite nicely…double 'em up for 20 & put it in a 12" box…stacks great in a del bag & seems to keep the sauce confined to the tin…

you are da man!

I own a couple of franchise stores and we just changed our wings, we now offer 8 different flavors. I think the thought behind it was to compete with “wing street” and buffalo wild wings. We are using some new plastic wing containers with lids that fit pretty tight and we are doing all the sauces on the side and the customers can poor it on and shake it. Seems to be working pretty good. Most of the customers seem to really like it. The new flavors we have are BBQ, Teriyaki, Bourbon, spicy garlic, buffalo, kickin and a chipotle.

Being from the Buffalo area where prett much everyone has good wings made fresh to order not baked in oven or sent through a conveyor oven there are a few things that help set you apart from the others. One is packaging. Back in the day a lot used 9" x 9" styrofoam container, many still do. To me its like putting your wings in a sauna. You can see the condensation dripping from the top. We"ve always gone with our custom printed 9"x9"x2.5" corrugated box for our 10 & 20 pc. orders. 16" corrugated pizza box for our 30 & 50 pc orders. Better presentation and there is no condensation. Wings stay crispier. A little more expense but customers appreciate the extra attention to detail. Hope this helps.

Good point with the vented container. The containers that we use are vented as well, no one likes soggy wings.