Wing Sauces

I currently am deep frying a Tyson oven baked wing to order and then saucing with some wings sauce from and I’m really happy with this wing. We also sauce this same wing in Sweet baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, and again, it works great. I’ve asked my sales rep for some other ideas. I want to use this same wing and expand my sauce selection. What sauces are you offering for your wings that are easy to prepare (and you are willing to share the recipe) or that are buying fully preparded and that your customers are loving.


Teriyaki is a big deal in our shop. You can use Kikkoman teriyaki GLAZE straight from the bottle. It is a syrupy cnosistency, and a little goes a long way.

We use a lemon pepper seasoning sprinkled on the wings after frying. Those are probably the #3 flavor in the shop after mild and BBQ. We do a jerk sauce as well that is based on a jerk marinade that I don’t remember the brand of . . . we blend it with some fruit concentrate to make it palatable on the wings. Sorry I cannot be more specific on that one. It doesn’t sell so great, but easy for us to keep on hand.

Thanks Nick. I got some teriyaki in. I think it was a glaze, but I don’t remember. I’ll check tomorrow. I didn’t care for the sauce that much, but maybe I just don’t like teriyaki as much as I thought. Hopefully the customers will appreciate the variety.