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I’m glad this months cover story was on wings since we have recently decided to expand our wing menu. As of now we use a pre-made wing sauce but want to create our own. I have looked up various recipes for them and have a couple of questions I hope you guys can answer. First I notice that a lot of the recipes call for you to cook the sauce on the stove,I am assuming that is to melt the butter and blend it in with the hot sauce,if you use a liquid butter should you still do this? Also I’ve noticed some recipes use vegetable oil or margarine instead of butter,does this make it any better? Any thoughts are appreciated.

I am in the Buffalo area and for our sauce we just use Frank’s hot sauce and liguid margarine.
For hot we use straight Frank’s, for med we use about 1/3 liq marg 2/3 franks, and mild is about 2/3 liq marg 1/3 franks

Also we do not heat. Just pour into bottles and shake it up.

Redhot from Franks is what I use but it has too much vinegar so we use for our hot sauce the following mix:
1/2 Redhot
1/2 Whirl
Cayenne Pepper
Black Pepper
Onion Salt
Garlic Powder
Whorecesthire Sauce
Capsium Extract
It creates a flavor that hits your lips, your tongue, and your throat with hot.
I can send you a pm with the exact measurements.

I would appreciate that POTM

Does anyone know how to make a garlic buffalo sauce for wing?