Wings: All flats

If you sell wings, do you allow this request? We have been allowing it and adding an upcharge for a few years, but it really bothers me. I am not picky, so flats vs drums I could care less. However, the next customer after someone orders all flats (gets 1 or 2 lbs) is going to suffer because they will then get all drums. Just looking to get some insight if this is just a local thing or if customers request it and it is fulfilled often.

Maybe you should tell the customers the chickens don’t grow them that way :rofl:

I have had people request it but tell them I am sorry we don’t do it.

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We allow it and I don’t upcharge. It doesn’t get requested that often and I’ve trained my team to make sure the next few order have a few flats in them to make up for the request. If it starts to get out of hand I will not allow the request anymore.

we get these requests all the time although its mostly drums no flats…either way we accommodate it (up to 1 order up 24pcs). We always split an order in 1/2 but when we see we are running an uneven amount we just add a couple more and it takes care of itself. There are some things we do not allow but this ones pretty easy for us

We get the all flats request alot I say I can give you mostly flats, always fine with that.

On a side note I got a case a fresh wings that were all flats!! I was pretty happy, I get why customers want the flats bc theyre better especially if you use jumbo wings

I own in Buffalo NY. We count our wings out in the morning 1/2 flats and 1/2 drums. If a customer wants all flats or all drums we charge them $2.50.

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