Wings at an outside event

We have been asked by our LORA group to participate in a fundraiser for our local zoo. I was wondering if there is anyway to hold and serve fried buffalo wings? If I use a chaffing pan should I leave them as is or in extra sauce.

Rent a fryer and par cook them. Just drop them for a min of two. Fresh crispy wings

Depending on size, the par-cook could be 5 min to 7 min. Use a thermometer to get a feel for when to temp. I par-fry 6-9 ct at 325F for about 7 min +/-, dump into dough boxes of all things to cool enough to fridge, then tub in seal-able containers to hold. Finish at 350 for 3 min (375 for 90 -120 sec) . . . again test this a bit. Best way in the world to have volume wings on command. Never more than 3 minutes from wings (or 2 minutes). Get a propane 40# or 50% fryer, and you can pound out the wings on site. You can even bake off the wings in the oven, chill then finish in the fryer on site.

They only hold for maybe 10 minutes unsauced . . . under a lamp in one layer, maybe 15 minutes. the moisture-steam in the skin and meat just starts dissolving those crisped protein/sugar compounds so quickly. Onced saused, you’ve lit a fast fuse to soggy-town . . . .maybe 5 minutes for best quality . . . not awful at 10 minutes. Get flabby in less than 15 minutes sauced.

Use SS mixing bowl to toss them, one for each flavor . . . . set up pumps on gallon sized, or use a ladle for the sauce. Pump gives you 1/2oz portion control, but a good ladle does as well.