Wings - levels of heat

OK, I have an unusual process planned for wings.
Starting with frozen fully cooked wings, thawing 1/2 days worth or so at a time, then saucing and baking to order. On a special nonstick, draining pan I’ll place in my deck ovens. I’ve tested it, and I like the result.

Here’s where I am stuck - I WANT to offer “mild,” “medium,” and “hot”.
And I’ve got good flavors with premade sauces that I am happy to use - EXCEPT that none of them pass for MILD. Really. I LIKE hot, but will admit than in taste testing, my MEDIUM was pretty darned :oops: fiery.

Does anyone know of a commercial product - or have a REALLY simple recipe for something that will truly be considered a “mild” hot wing? I know I could go BBQ or something…but that wasn’t the original plan…


You could try and cut down on the heat of your mild wing by adding some liquid margarine, some bbq sauce, or even both to it and see what you think. Good luck!

Take care,
David McGuire