What vendor has the best wings and what sauces does everyone use? Opening in the middle of January and want some kick butt wings.

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How are you planning to cook them? It makes a difference which product will work best.

We do well with BBQ, Hot (Buffalo Style), Dry Rub, Asian BBQ. We also did OK with Jamaican Jerk Sauce but will be dropping it along with the other menu items that used it since they do not do well and we try to avoid having inventory items with only one use.

I am planning on deep fring them unless I find better ones for baking.

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I will let someone who fries wings chime in as we do not do that and I don’t have first hand familiarity with that product.

<<Chiming in.

We get whole, fresh Jumbo wings, cut them and do all the prep in house. The problem you’re going to realize with raw chicken is them going bad real fast, and cross contamination on your line.
We are primarily a BBQ joint, so we batch smoke our wings, portion them, then they get fried to order. I do this mainly to keep raw chicken off my line,
Our most popular flavor is “Naked” with no sauce on them, but I also live in an area where ketchup is too spicy for a few people.

We have used fresh wings for more than thirty years and aren’t very far from Buffalo where they originated. We like to use the Mountaineer brand as they are fairly consistent size wise and generally there aren’t a lot of poorly cut joints as I have seen with some other brands. As far as sauce goes in my opinion less is more (hot sauce and butter is all you need for a great “buffalo style” wing. As far as your other flavors go, test some out and get feedback from your customers to create your line of products. As far as packaging goes we use 9x9x2.5 and 9x9x4 corrugated boxes with foil as the holes in the boxes allow from the product to travel better as 75% of our business is mixed between carry out and delivery. We serve our wings with a bleu cheese dressing that we make in house and celery upon request as not all customers will touch the “rabbit food”. Anything else you would like to know contact me.

I use fresh Mountaire jumbo party wings ($1.99 lb) ~ 7 per pound on average. We fry them from raw. They are marinated in salt, pepper, garlic, and buffalo sauce. The buffalo sauce doesnt make them hot, it just keeps them from getting way too dark too quickly and adds a nice taste. You dont need to put much salt in the marinade. Then when they are done(it takes seriously about 13-15 minutes to fry them) we sauce them I use Crystal hot sauce straight. I dont mix with butter as its just an added cost to me. Popular flavors in my store are buffalo, asian(sweet chili), garlic parm. Dont forget quality bleu cheese dressing is pricey ($60 a case). I sell way more boneless tenders at rock bottom pricing, right now anyway $1.19lb. So much easier to cook, only 3-4 minutes they last longer- 14 days after kill date vs 11 for fresh wings, id suggest tenders all day if you have a fryer. You can cut them in chunks and market them as boneless wings. It takes 25 minutes to do up a 40lb case. I sold 7 cases last week 280lbs vs 30 lbs of wings.

I don’t have a fryer. Are you using breaded tenders ? Do you think they would do well pre baked on conveyer, then cooked 1 pass and served as we do our wings now ? We do not sell near the volume you are doing , congrats !

I have never found a breaded wing that does well in the oven. We use a Sysco product they call “Rotissery” which is a fully cooked wing that we run through the oven already sauced on parchment. Comes out great but it does not attempt to replicate a fried product.

We do Korean style fried chicken wings from raw. Marinate in buttermilk and cholula and bread in cornstarch, par fry at 300 hold for service and finish at 350