In what denomination is everyone selling their wings? We get them in 10Lb cases but they keep getting smaller and smaller. We sell the $5.99/6 and 9.99/12

If we switch to a bigger wing that is in a 30Lb case our cost is over $8 for an order of 12. Do we take the price up and use those wings and sell them in 6 and 12? Or should we switch to selling them by the lb for consistency sake?

Any input is appreciated

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I sell them in orders of 6 and 10. We use party cut wings (flats and drums). They are currently about $80 for a 40lb case and you get roughly 280 wings out of a case. Our prices right now are 5.99 for 6 and 9.99 for 10 so buck a wing.

Are you against selling them by weight?

Not against it but worry about implementing it since we’ve always been 6 or 12. I believe a pound of them is equal to about 6. I’m sure sometimes it’s 4 or 5 and others it could be 7 or 8

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I feel the problem selling by the pound (or switching to this method) is consistency. Portioning before hand could be kind of a pain, and also the wings may not drain as they would in a collander pan. Also it would be really hard to weigh per order when you get a busy rush and you have multiple orders of wings in one basket. Then there is the custome whoe gets 6 wings one time then 7 the next. When folks get all flats or drums this throws things off also. Not saying tis wrong I have seen places do it plenty, busy places at that. I feel they just always assume 6 or 7 wings is 1 pound and call it a day

We switched to selling wings by the pound a couple / few years ago. We state on our menu the piece count range for an order (8-12/lb). The wings are weighed before they are baked. We don’t really get complaints about it. If they are small, they get more. Large, less. No other way around it. Wings (bone-in) are 10% of sales.

We use Wayne Farms Pre Cooked Steamed wings that are 6-9 pieces per pound. We sell them in increments of 7, 10 ,14, 20 we are able to price them by pound figuring 7 equals 1lb, 10 equals 1-1/2 lbs, 14 equals 2 lbs and 20 equals 2-1/2 lbs.

After weighing our current wings, we are actually getting 12 wings for 1.2lbs. very tiny wings. I think we may switch to a larger wing and start selling by the pound.

Thanks everyone for the input

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I sell them as:

8 pc-$8.99

They are good wings, but very high food cost. I just never offer specials on the wings. My breadsticks have a 10% food cost so it balances out.

We just launched wings. $6 for 6 and $12 for 12…comes with ranch & celery.

Many have gone to by the pound vs qty…to offset the continual size differences. Guests dont understand it…but helps food cost greatly. We only added wings to drive more traffic and frequency…to sell more soda and pizza…check average has gone up, so has delivery since we added…provides a better “meal” solution.

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