What brand of wings do you guys use? I’m actually trying to find a plain wing that I can run threw the oven and then add my own sauce to. Any ideas or suggestions? wings-o-plenty

Tyson’s Oven Roasted Wing. Tyson’s number is 3303 I think.

the best way to do wing is to have a frier do not reheat allready cooked wings ,you want excellent wings you have to fry em fresh never frozen , when i used to have my pizza place
i used to buy them from pilgrims i sent my helpers to the plan 2 times a week, i had good wings sales , trust me precooked wings are convienent but the quality in my openion is very low
anyways here is one of the recipe that i have used and did very well with

frank hot sauce (sam has it)
10% margrin
cajun spice mixture i ordered mine from myspice comapny thru the internet
mix frank with margrin dip the fried wings in it then sprinkle the cajun spice
good luck and let me know if you have any question
here is the website for the company
they have 2 cajuns 1 hot and 1 regular i used to use the regular one cause when you add it to the frank hot sauce you have enough heat .
good luck

we use speedy bird pre cooked wings they come frozen we thaw in refrigerator and run through our conveyor oven i have to disagree with lillian they rock i cant stand a deep fried wing i think deep fryers are nasty cant bring myself to get one our little shop goes through about 80 lbs a week cust rave on them and were in the deep fried south we even use a parbaked fri people cant get enough of them . i would agree a pre baked wing like tysons at sams club are horriable but were are happy with ours i guess just find the one your cust. like :smiley:

Which brand is that?

lanova is a good wing - plain only - bigger in size than their pre sauced wings…10-12 ct
speedy bird is good product as well
frying wings is not necessary - why invest in a auto fry or a fryer(hoods are expensive - auto frys are $4000.00)

buy gallons of flavored sauces - bake and toss in sauce of choice and out the door
good luck

just my experience but…

La Nova wings are NEVER consistent in size. Some are huge and other I would not serve to my mother

LaNova wings are twice the price but you will never be at the 30% food cost in wings unless you sell wings from sams. i am the only place in town selling LaNova which comes direct from Buffalo which everyone associates with wings. people love them and they intice the customer to buy more from the store where you make your money. between LaNove and a true buffalo wing sauce you can not go wrong.

I definitely disagree lilian, I get wings from sysco and run them threw my xlts 3 times at 6:35 465 temp and its hard to tell the differance, I never would have believed it until I tried it

My shop if proof that with proper technique and proper food materials, one can effectively par-cook and finish chicken wings. It takes attention, practice, precision and execution of technique to get my wings to finish properly . . . and when we get it right, they are exceptional. We hit the mark an awful lot to get the wing sales we get.

It really is about having the proper technique and execution. Without it, the finished wings are overcooked, greasy and unpalatable.