I know its been covered before, but I can`t sem to find any of the threads, Im looking for ideas on wings and the different flavours you guys are offering,

We have deck ovens and we use La Nova, a bit more $$$ but a great product. Typically we cook them for 9-10 min on a screen.
Then we shake them in Franks Hot sauce, BBQ, Jerk, or a Medium (Franks + liquid margarine).

Some guests like them “twice baked”. We cook them for the 9-10 mins, shake them, then re-bake 'em.


One of my favorites is Garlic Parm, toss in just a bit of Garlic flavored liquid margarine then sprinkle heavily with parm, YUM!

Another real simple one is to use a teriyaki glaze to toss in and then sprinkle some sesame seeds on top.

How about Lemon Pepper? Just lightly toss in liquid margarine and sprinkle with lemon pepper, or even better toss in liquid margarine with fresh lemon juice and then grind some fresh pepper on top!

Good luck!

Use BrakeBush wings…much better than LaNova. My customers rave over them.

Mild (All hots are Frank’s based with liquid margarine)
Tongue torch (up to as hot as they want them by adding habanero sauce)

Caribbean (jerk)*

Lemon Pepper
Garlic Pepper
Garlic Romano
Salt and Pepper
Pomegranate Glazed* (little response, but really good)
Apple Cider Glazed* (a few more adventurous people, but still not enough to keep around - great taste)

  • original recipe from previous cooking life that works great on wings

we won’t have a fryer but would love to do wings, are these really still good if you don’t have a fryer? and are the La nova wings already cooked and seasoned?? I ask this because, when I’ve bought fully cooked and seasoned wings from a grocery store and brought home to heat in the oven there never as good and tender as the ones that I’ve either fryed at home from fresh raw wings, or the ones I’ve got in a restaurant. but with the cost of hoods and the space that we have we can’t get a fryer right now, plus I just don’t want to deal with one. thanks!!!

In my opinion you just can’t beat frying, but I am sure that if you play around with your oven that you can at least end up with a decent wing. If it were me though I would get a fryer even if it was one of those autofry units. Good luck!

Just go to different restaurant’s websites and see the flavors they are doing. Many of these chains have put a lot of money into developing them after doing extensive research. At least it will give you a starting point. You can do something unique, but at least get the basics down for mass appeal.

Because the city made it financially not feasible, we did not put fryers in. I would much prefer to fry wings because you can make some great wings. I love what you can do with a lightly breaded fried wing. They really hold the different sauces in well to. I don’t think all sauces work well with just a plain baked as they just do not absorb the flavor of the sauce enough.

Given that, not having a fryer does not mean you cannot have great wings. In many markets, people would rather have the baked than fried for health reasons so that is something to consider.

I think La Nova makes a good product as well. If you don’t want the hassle of developing everything yourself its a great way to go. They have a lot of different flavors and sauces.

I bake my BrakeBush wings in my conveyor oven, and they are crisp and tender. They are pre-cooked and breaded, just add sauce when they come out. Sauce is Franks and margarine. It’s all in how you cook them.