winter project

I was thinking of doing something like a penny savor guide thats mailed bi-weekly to 5000 or more people,
I want to talk to the local high school and have a journalism major write whats going on locally (sports and activity) a tv guide, want ads and things for sell. But also sell some local advertising to offset all the cost.
My goal is to get 100000 mailed to homes, be on the front page and not cost anything but time!

When I started my pizza business it was my 4th business. I’ve since closed the doors on one of the others and scaled back on the other two. I was killing myself. I’m much happier now and much more focused on the one that matters most, pizza.

My advise would be to focus on making your business better and busier rather than trying to get into publishing to save a little money. However, if no one else in your area is doing it and you’ve got the time, it might be worthwhile. I would still focus on getting it up and running with the intent of handing it off to someone else to run though.

Just my $.02.