Wish us luck!

We’re doing our soft opening tomorrow…had a little 2 hour training tonight…made some sample pies for the crew…gonna go slow for the 1st week…

That’s incredible news - good luck to you!

I remember our opening days and first few weeks in business. Strap 'em tight and enjoy the ride!!

Good luck and may the great pizza gods be on your side.

Please keep us up on the latest! Good luck, and good pizza!

Good Luck! Good Luck! Good Luck!

Sending my karma your way my friend! Hope you do well.

Patriot you know you don’t need luck, karma, delivery drivers ;)…etc. You need but one thing. MAKE GREAT PIZZA!!! The rest just falls into place. Enjoy the weeks to come. 8)

I was once told you make your own luck. If this is true I know you will have plenty. Best wishes to you and your staff on this adventure.

Good Luck!! May the pizza gods be with you.

You got this!

We survived…lol…the make line pc crapped out @ 10 pm…will have to safe start and start again…

Still was busy putting the final touches on the POS and some equipment stuff, but all in all, a great day!

This is your 2nd location, if I recall correctly?
Go get 'em!

where is the LIKE button???

May the Schwartz be with you!