Wood burners

Scientific report announces emerging risk caused by wood burning stoves in pizza restaurants and charcoal in steakhouses to the environment

A recent study has shown that emissions in major cities caused by restaurants such as pizzerias and steakhouses using wood burners can be damaging to the urban environment.

I’m guessing wood/coal fired ovens along with smokers as the culprits here George?

http://i.imgur.com/agp05Af.jpg But lets pay no attention to the internal combustion engine exhaust

Jeez, now I’m picturing people in the future BBQing in their backyards on grills with 1000 lbs of extra emissions equipment attached like the cars of today.

Zero or low emissions bbqing! We shall call it PRIUS

Ya know, back when we first opened in a different location, I had to get a “Conditional Use Permit”
During one of the 3 meetings with town boards, county boards, planning commissionS. I had a guy show up with 3 pages of conditions that he wanted met so we could operate as a business in that town. The more ridiculous of his wants required us to install air-scrubbers on our BBQ-Pit, or disperse a “Scent Masking Agent” so people could not smell our BBQ cooking. I asked what other restaurants are held to these conditions, and when he kept harping about it, I said “Look, Our BBQ smells much better than the place located directly next to us!” He got a confused look on his face, half the town board started snickering and trying to cover their laughter with by fake coughing . Until I finally said “IT’S A FUNERAL HOME WITH A CREMATORIUM”

Me being primarily in the BBQ business, I see many cities enacting tight restrictions for solid-fueled appliances, many places were able to meet a compromise by extending their exhaust stacks several feet above the surrounding buildings.