Wood burning Ovens

one small town near Naples prohibiting wood-fired pizza ovens, as Italian authorities seek to combat air-pollution that has breached alert levels in an exceptionally warm and dry winter.
George Mills

Bummer if that is your business! I wonder if there is any compensation for them or help to transition.

There’s been some issues in some US states with BBQ places . Nothing that has caused notable air quality hazards, just people who have moved to a home near a BBQ place that has been there for decades, then whining that they do not like the smell of BBQ.
I believe there is a place in one of the new york boroughs that had to raise their chimney to ridiculous heights to get permission to open

When we opened, I had to go through a process to earn a “Conditional Use Permit” it is a string of hearings in front of the town and county boards with me describing how I will not become the scourge of the neighborhood.
One particular guy on the town board kept bringing up the subject of forcing us to use air-scrubbers, or disperse a scent masking agent so the downtown area didn’t smell like BBQ.
After the 5th or 6th time that he brought this up, I stated; “Trust me when I say that Our BBQ smells much better than the place directly to the south of us!”
Half the people got the joke, and the other half asked what other BBQ place is in town?
The business directly to the south of us is a funeral home with a crematorium