"Wood Fired" Ovens. Yeah right.

I have been to several places that prominently sport a “wood fired” oven. Looking at them, I can see a log or two all the way in the back. The rest of the oven is heated with gas. Now a log or two in the back with the smoke simply going up the flue cannot be doing much. I cannot taste any difference in the pizzas either.

Hey, I realize that perception is everything. But prove to me it makes any difference.

And on the subject of “conveyor” ovens. They are “convection” ovens are they not? People like convection ovens for their homes – cause technology is good. Don’t see many saying a “wood-fired” oven is the way to go when fixing the family supper.

Yeah, okay, I am a bit cranky tonight.

Q-Matic and CTX are 2 conveyor ovens that are not “convection” or impingment…
I think Picard gas a non-impingment conveyor also,


You got a point.

the CTX uses the infra-red light spectrum to cook…and oh so quite!!!

It’s all abvout buzz words and marketing. Our oven is a wood oven that has been converted to gas. I get a lot of the qualities of each that I think are good. Instead of wood oven we are now “authentic Italian brick oven”

hello beer
what kind of temp do you get on your oven the heart temp, and what brand is it

Hey, I realize that perception is everything. But prove to me it makes any difference.

Hi dewar: An excellent pizza can be baked in most all “pizza” ovens. I do not think that is under dispute. What counts is, once you have adjusted your bake times, temperatures, and any other variables to bake the pizza you want, how many can you bake per hour that come out exactly like your ideal pizza.

George Mills

Hi Cranky;
Allow me to turn your crank a little.
As for your wood burning oven question, why not defer that one to Mr. Puck? Perception really is everything, no doubt about it. Those bricks on the front of a deck oven don’t make the pizza taste any better, but if it makes someone feel good about coming into my store, I’m all for it, infact, bring your friends for some great, old world pizza! Hand tossed, and baked in what appears to be a wood fired oven.
Sorry, air impingement ovens are not convection ovens, they work on the convection principal of heat transfer, but they are a long shot from a convection oven. They employ VERY HIGH airfolw speed which, is directed right onto the product. This is sorta like trying to compare that NASCAR Chevy you saw in last weeks race to the Chevy sitting out in your drive way. Operating principals are generally pretty similar, but under the hood you’ll find a few slight, but significant differences…Yeah!
By the way, try tossing a pine log into one of those dual fuel (gas and wood) ovens and see what the pizza tastes like. It gives the pizza a bit of the flavor of a fresh cut 2X4. Don’t ask me how I know, experience has taught me some tough lessons, and that was one of my earlier ones. There was also the time when I was in Hermosillo, Mexico and we went out for pizza. There was this pizzeria that had a bee-hive oven that looked pretty good, what we didn’t know was that due to the expense of wood, they were burning rolled-up cardboard for fuel. Trust me on this…the pizzas tasted more than a little like…you guessed it…cardboard, and no, they were not frozen pizzas.
Hope I didn’t twist it too hard.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We use pecan wood in an only wood fueled Forno Bravo.

Ha ha Tom. “An authentic Mexican pizza box-fired oven!” Guffaw…

go to the Wood Stone Ovens web site for some interesting and objective information on wod/gas/stone ovens,
this link has some good information on it http://www.woodstone-corp.com/cooking_b … or_gas.htm


can conveyoroven charr your crust? some people like these charred crusts, i do . cooking directly on a brick surface has it’s advantages.
can a conveyor oven cook your pizza at 700 degrees?
a well desgined wood brick piza can make a difference

can conveyor oven charr your crust? ,

can a conveyor oven cook your pizza at 700 degrees?

Yes you can char the crust. Just set the unit for enough bake time to do so.

Most all air impingment type units are not designed to reach 700 degrees. The air impingment technoligy makes it possable to produce pizzas baked the way the majority of consumers prefer at lower temperatures.

George Mills

I never thought of it that way, but your right. Thanks for the laugh.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Well this is a realistic question. Can any gas ovens do 700 F within their normal rating?

Or… what choices are there other than wood for 700+ F?

Forget electric… coal??? wood???

why 4get electric? My CTX hits 900…I run it @ 750

Electric is very expensive here - $0.15 KW/H - how much does it cost by you?

Gas, wood, coal, these wil all get you easily to 700+F. Many times I’ve used the Woodstone ovens with gas to bake at 700 to 800F. I’ve also used gas as the main heat source and then used coal or wood for the secondary heat source.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

energy here is $.028+ kw

I run 3 phase…a beast when 1st cranked up, but purrs like a kitten once it reaches temp…

So I’m reading correctly… 3 cents per KW/H?! vs 15 !!! Gas is $1.45 for 100,000 BTUs here. I will check out Woodstone, thanks.