Woot! PMQ is back!

I checked even though I thought it wouldn’t be. But whaddya know? Yay!

[size=7]Thank you![/size]

For real! I have felt kinda weird, now the awkwardness is gone. Welcome back everyone!

man i was like a junky this weekend could n’t get fix and was wigging out need my daily hit of

[size=7]PMQ THINK TANK[/size]

That was truly PAINFUL! I didnt realize how much I depended on the tank till it came down. Do u think they did it on purpose to make us appreciate them, lol! Well I APPRECIATE IT AND DONT DO THAT AGAIN! Sigh, ok, im better now. Cheers

woooohoo i am glad the tank is back THANK YOU.

What kind of twisted and cruel torture was that ??? :shock:

When it first happened, did anyone else try the site more than a couple times ? Thinking that maybe it would just magically reappear ?

Or am I the only one ? :roll:

You weren’t the only one!! I kept checking hoping that it would maybe be back earlier than they were saying.

It was painful to be without it…kinda like not having your phone for a couple of days and not being able to call anyone or receive any phone calls!

Glad it’s back!!!

no doubt! it sucked not to be able to chat with my insomniac friends in the think tank chat all weekend.
glad to have it back… look forward to chat on wednesday night.

I still have the shakes. Please, no more crashes. I am not sure I could take withdrawal again.

I checked it at least 3 times a day everyday to see if it was back up :smiley:

I was able to crawl through the day using a substitute pizza bulletin board. Man, I didn’t realize the “habit” I have until I saw that horrible database error message appear day after day :shock: I still go back to that other board, but it has less traffic.