Work Flow for Handling Large Orders

As my pizza shop grows we have been getting a huge increase in large pizza orders. We get orders for 70+ pizzas regularly and while I love it there is alot to improve on I was hoping to get others strategies on making the whole process more efficient. What can we do to get ourselves better prepared to pump these pizzas out as quick as we can?

We make hand strcthed pizzas in a deck oven launching it directly on the deck then move it to a screen if the bottom is cooking too fast then take it out when its ready.

Im thinkig I should maybe get a bunch of screens and pre strecth them before hand for large orders only? does this sound bad? and how would I keep them from drying out?

I can see why operators move from deck to conveyor its just an all around easier option espcially when you get large orders

We do similar size orders from time to time. Just last weekend we had a 80 pizza order which was during the day when we were not open.
We put our bases on screens, then sauce and cheesed them all. With the help of 1 person we made a “production” line; me saucing and him adding cheese. Then we made up the pizzas required, again production line style, him doing the first half of the toppings and me finishing.
The only difference is that we have a double conveyor so we just fed them in and cut at the other end. My wife and a river came in to deliver in 2 runs each.
As far as skins drying out we always stretch to screens. e.g. on a Friday we do 40 x 10", 48 x 15" and 145 x 13" between 2.30 and 4.30pm, set up for opening at 5pm and close at 10pm using the once off roll out without any problems to quality. Only during the very hottest days do we put covers over the racks holding the bases on screens.