Work table accessory

Guys I need that piece of metal or plastic that attaches to the front of the pizza making table, it helps keep the bench flour on the table instead of falling on the floor. I just dont no what It called or what I should be looking for. Id like the guard to attach to the front and also the sides

Looks like something you could have fabricated at a metal shop

Great idea. I was thought It was something I might find at Home Depot somewhere

That’s not in your place, right?

No thats a still image from a YouTube video of A Papa Johns
I didnt think anyone would understand me so I wanted to add a visual.

Okay I was going to say holy hell on the overhang they have but didn’t want to say it is it was in your kitchen lol

Im actually trying to make a work table 30”x48” that has 8inch raised sides all the way around, creating a huge breading table, so I can prebread and parfry my chicken tenders just long enough for the breading to set so I can get ahead on Friday and Saturday nights. You suggested this on my other thread and Its definitely the way to go

Glad it’s working for you!