Workers comp insurance

Can anyone recommend a broker here in ca ? So far all of are quotes are double compared to what we spent last year and nothing has changed no incidence and about the same payroll expense.

Have you tried State Fund workman’s comp?
We pay 8.75% with 1 incident about 4 years ago for concessions business.
The California insurance commission has a website where you can determine your business classification and see the different rates that insurers offer. The rate trend has been upward over the last few years
Were you around for the major workman’s comp jump in 2002-3? My rate went from around 4.75 to 15% over a year. It was brutal and a lot of my contractor friends either went out of business during this time or dropped their entire crew when their rates surged to 40% plus.

We use State Fund also and are paying around 8% also. I had it down to 6% last year but they tagged me for a fake claim filed against me that they paid out 20K to make the guy go away. They call it a nuisance settlement. We are working with a new company to see if we can get a better rate but I’m not sure if it will work because we have to cancel with State Fund by Friday. We have used State Fund for 25 years and have never had an issue, other than them paying that guy to go away.

Those rates are nuts. In Colorado our rate is less than 3% and we get an annual dividend back from the fund.