Workman's comp rate

I’m curious as to what percent folks are paying for WC. In California I’m at 8.6% with one claim about 3 years ago in the 15 years I’ve had the policy. The rate before the claim was closer to 5%. Not sure if I should shop a new policy or if this is typical of California rates presently.

In Pennsylvania I am paying less than 2%! One claim in five years. I shopped around this year and saved about $250 a month.

The state sets the rates but you may be able to get and experience modification discount. The rates in cali on are the way up because the system here is so riddled with fraud. I’m fighting a fake claim right now but state fund has already forked out 10 grand to this guy. Theres where your 9% is going. :frowning:

We had our first claim ever this year (14 years in business) for a cut that required stitches. Up to now, our rate is a little under 3%. Don’t know if that will change. I sure hope not since the value of the claim is less than one year’s premium.