Worldpay Gateway

Anyone else using a Worldpay gateway with Speedline? We are processing with First Data North now. We had to have a gateway setup so we can use it with Speeddine. The gateway is setup on the Worldpay “express” platform fyi. Something weird is happening though, any time my drivers dispatch, I get 2 credit card copies printed, before it would only print when the order came in (that’s the way I want it still). However this only happens if a delivery is taken over the phone, it does not happen when it comes from speeddine; odd right?

Anyone have this issue? I called into support at speedline and the tech said he suspects it’s a bug in speedline 8 release 102.


I, too, had to have a gateway put into my Speedline POS by WorldPay which I pay $30 a month to them going forward. I process with ESPG or EVO, at a much better deal than WorldPay would have been. The 2 CC receipts (merchant and costumer copies) print when the deliver order is assigned (dispatched) to a driver and not at the time the order was taken on the phone. Since the driver needs to get the CC slip signed at the door, I don’t see a benefit to having the CC slips print when the order is taking on the phone up front. That would require (the kid/cashier) to walk the slips back to the kitchen, find the make ticket and staple the slips. For me, much easier that they print for the driver when he assigns the ticket.
Not sure what you mean ‘when it comes from Speedline’, are you referring to CC-paid orders done online at your website? Of course when someone walks in and (pre)pays for a delivery, which is rare, a slip is printed immediately for them to sign…
As I understand the system, when the CC slips print, that signifies that the payment is now tagged to a drawer. Once it is tagged, it stays 'till that drawer is closed out meaning the payment will stay with the cashier and only the delivery fee will show on the driver’s checkout. And we cover our butts by having the driver get the slip signed and make an imprint of the card at the door (as stated by MC and Visa as the only way to protect ourselves from chargebacks on a ‘keyed-in transaction’