WorldPay Possible Price Increase.

The notice below came with September statements for some Worldpay Customers. Its a price increase without prior notification

  1. Look for new or increased fees in the “other fees section” of the statement. specifically " Annual Fee"
  2. In the Surcharge Section - see if your total effective cost of surcharging has gone up when compared to prior months.

Good Luck… if you have any questions just post them here and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible


"We recently made a change to our standard operating procedures. Following the change, some merchants experienced an overall increase in their cost of processing while others experienced an overall decrease. We continue to work through this change to our operating procedures to make sure it was implemented correctly.

Please note that in the event we increase our fees or charges for our services or products or introduce a new fee, you may terminate the Agreement without penalty or early termination or early deconversion fee, but only if you provide us written notice within 90 days of the increase or introduction of the new fee. Upon our receipt of your written notice pursuant to the immediately preceding sentence, we shall have 30 days to rescind or waive the increase or introduction of the new fee, and, in the event we elect to rescind or waive the increase or introduction of the new fee, you shall not have the right to terminate the Agreement as a result of the increase or introduction of the new fee and the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect notwithstanding your written notice to terminate. The foregoing termination right for price increases and new fees is not applicable with respect to an increase or new fee imposed by, attributable to, or derived from an Association or Other Network change, or caused by a change in the Operating Regulations or Laws, or an increase made in accordance with a pre-determined fee schedule, provided that such fee schedule is included as part of your Agreement."

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