Worldpay Upside

Worldpay is automatically enrolling businesses in Upside. They send out an email (mine went into spam) saying you need to opt out or you will be enrolled. If you see daily small amounts coming out of your account you are paying for upside. It was $4 here, then $6 there. Different amounts everyday. Been going on for a week and I couldn’t figure out the debits. When you call worldpay the first level will not know what the debits are. They will have to send you to a third level. At this time they will ask you to send an email asking for a refund. I said this was theft and wanted it done right away. It’s still on going. Just wanted to give a head’s up for worldpay customers in case they see small amounts coming out and don’t know why. This company is awful

Thank you for the heads up. Are the transactions listed under Worldpay?

Yes, they look exactly like the credit deposits, only they are small debits

What POS are you using? Toast takes out Worldpay fees Daily

Point of Success. These are not the credit card fees. It’s an app Worldpay automatically signs you up for, then takes fees out of your account for it.

yep they got me.

How do I get off this crap?

These are the three contacts I have. Calling worldpay will take you a couple of hours because the initial people will not have any idea what you are talking about.
Its been 10 days and its still coming out with them telling me its stopped and Ill get a refund.

I filed a complaint with the BBB as this is theft

Thank you.

What a crappy company.

So they got me too and I started checking my statement for more.


These are an additional $59.00 if fees they conveniently have slid into statements. Luckily I found a sympathetic employee while working on the upside that mentioned to check my statements for these too.

I am so over Worldpay