Worlds best pizza named at expo?? Bah :|

Maybe some peoples cup of tea, but I know it wouldn’t be our big seller…

Makes you wonder if the most popular pizzas (pepperoni? sausage & pepperoni? or some other big seller) ever made it to the world’s best? Or are those too Joe the Plumber for expo judges taste?

It’s pretty hard to say anything bad without tasting it. right? I can’t give my opinion about a book I didn’t read or a movie I didn’t see.

It’s amazing some of the things other people like, that aren’t my favorites. But, I’m happy to sell it!

My most popular pizza is not my best tasting pizza in my opinion. It really all comes down to what pizzas are entered into the competition and the taste preferences of the judges.

They also had different categories. A pep and sausage pizza would be traditional, this one was in the gourmet category where you would expect something a little more exotic. I personally would not want to have to deal with unpeeled limes on a pizza, but they were obviously going for visual effect there.

The top of a pineapple… that’s really something. Is that the actual presentation in their store? Must go through a lot of whole pineapples!

I remember back when “practicality” was a component of the old Pizza Festiva. I was talking with a fellow competitor about his over-the-top presentation and asked “is that how you do it in your store?” to which he responded, “oh, none of this is even on our menu!” I really need to get out of the mindset of competing with stuff that we actually execute in our kitchen.

They have rules like NASCAR used to, in order for a car to be eligible a manufacturer had to produce a minimum number of units for sale to the general public. That is where the superbird and taladaga and others like that came from in the 70’s.