Worried about going in to business

I have a ton of competitors in my area Little Cesar’s (4) pizza time (1) pizza hut (1) dominos (1) Papa Johns (1) Papa Murphy’s (3) as you can see lots of competition but im mostly sacred of little Cesar’s 5.99 large pizzas oh ya and it is a city with about 75,000 +/- People. Should I Be scared ? :?

that’s a hard one to give a definite answer to

If you plan to compete on price like L’Cesar, I say no

If you plan something really different, higher quality, dine in, different sizes,
the more different you are the better, then it might be OK

check out all possible area and compare,


Let’s use any town in the U.S. with a population of around 70,000 as an example… After throwing the dart at the board I come up with Bellingham, WA.

As of the censusGR2 of 2000, there were 67,171 people, 27,999 households, and 13,999 families residing in the city.

I actually count 20 pizzerias in Bellingham (of which you have 4 LC’s and 3 Papa Murphys) so you’ve definitely got some competition over there. The success of these operations tells me that your best form of advertising in the city would be price point advertising in which you would show price points in the $10 and under range to get people flying through your doors.

It also seems that location is going to be relatively important as well. I’d stay away from the downtown area (like Grand Ave. for example) and go more towards the newer developing areas near WalMart and all the fast food places on Meridian St. It seems to me that would be the place to be for your first store (yes, it looks like your town can easily support two - one on the north side and one on the south side) if you’ve got superior product and service with competitive prices.

Hope this helps.


Wow… holy hell man you did some Research. im looking in to the meridian area along with the area around the university. The competition would be Papa Johns and Pizza Hut Italian Bistro. Along with the collage their are allot of houses and a high school. Oh another big question how important is dine in? Im leaning towards no dine in service at my first location. I also plan to deliver ice cream and hot fresh baked cookies, Wings, salad, pizza ECT. Thanks Brhenken

I would recommend you at least go with the “fast casual” concept where you have tables and chairs to provide enough seating for around 24 people. This concept will help diversify the income being generated by your place. The overall cost to acquire the furnishings shouldn’t cost much more than $3k and if you market your place correctly you’ll pay for it in your first week… that sounds like a pretty good investment to me.

I firmly believe you should set yourself up for success. By adding a dine in space, you’ve now created another demographic in which to pull from

Ice Cream:

We’re doing it and it’s not that great a seller (Wells Blue Bunny Premium flavors). Why not take the $1,600 you’re going to spend on a dip cabinet and replace it with a 4 foot makeline to make subs? That, I’m sure, will increase your sales more significantly than the ice cream.


as for icecream im looking at selling it buy the 1/2 gallon.