Worst Case: Fixing Cost of a Used conventional oven?

Hi all…

Ok I have a chance to buy a used conventional oven (boggett) I dont know the exact spelling/name… But that brand. Help Please…

Well I can get it for really really cheap! Ok here is the story, the guy has restaurants… he bought it from a school auction, he hasn’t used it at all and its in his garage. The guy wants it out of his garage because it’s taking up space.

  1. Ok worst case. How much would it cost to fix something like this. I know we dont know whats wrong with it, but worst case.

( The price is really low, Im taking his word of the auction and not needing it, Ive seen people just buy stuff maybe for down the line, so that doesn’t sound far fetched - At the price, I think I’ll be still ahead if I had to fix it… Im thinking worth the risk)

  1. Also, Is there a way I can kinda check it out in his garage before I buy it? Plug it in… and then what? Can I kinda see something?? Anything else can I do in the guys garage?

Suggestions? Idea of Repair (ball park) worst case.


worst case is the cost of scrapping it as it can’t be fixed.

Other than that without knowing a) what it is, b)whether it works, and c) what’s wrong with it no one on here will have a clue other than guessing. Mine is $4267! :roll:

Would you buy a car on the same basis?

Did you say “plug it in”? If you are saying that this is an electric oven, check on it’s value as scrap first, then offer half of that. If it is a gas oven, the thrermostat is probably the biggest concern. A quick call to Blodgett will get you the cost of a replacement. Then take it from there.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi locoarts

The moment a deck oven is disconnected it starts to rust. The heat of use stops rust.

I have seen deck ovens where all that was holding them together was the paint.

Take a broom stick with you go to see a used deck oven, poke the back and sides from the insides out. Often the stick will go right through.

George Mills