Would like to add calzones to my menu.. any ideas??

I have a basic calzone on my menu but would like to add one with rigotta cheese in it… as customers have asked us for oit… What else do you all put in them ??? thanks

We do pizza cheese, scoop of ricotta, & customer can pick up to 5 pizza toppings to stuff it, though if I had it to do over again, I’d make it any 3 toppings.

Toss out a 12" dough to the same size as you would for a pizza, put all the cheese & toppings on one half, flip the other half over the top, crimp it, & cut off the excess with a pizza cutter. Brush the top with garlic butter and bake in the coolest part of your oven.

Another more unhealthy option, skip the garlic butter and drop it in the fryer. These were very popular in the chicago land area. A good bar food or late night munchie snack. If you try and replicate, very important you get a good seal on the seems. we offered any combo of ingredients as offered on the menu. Don’t over pack the pouch.

What I’ve read is that fried = panzerotti, and very popular in several US regions. We do a very small one with chocolate.

Our ricotta filling is a mixture of 3# ricotta, .5 cup parmesan and .333 cup dried parsley. Gives some flavor and color to the blend. We use a 9 oz dough stretched to 10".

Calzone at Nick’s Pizzeria
7 oz ricotta (2x #16 scoop)
3 oz mozz/prov

1 oz mozz/prov
Foll and seal edges
Brush top with garlic butter
Brush top with garlic butter
sprinkle with garlic-romano seasoning blend (see Otis? We sprinkle too)
Serve with side of pizza sauce

Just an FYI, instead of using a scoop for the ricotta, we put the ricotta in a ziplock storage bag, snip off 1 corner, and squeeze out the ricotta like a pastry bag. very convenient…

I love fried calzones. Have had it a few times. Mostly they didnt put ricotta in it. Just pizza cheese. Then when done they sprinkled it with salt.
Man that was good. Have not had one in 7,8 years.

is panzerati a recognized word like stromboli? I guess what i am trying to say, I only have been to one franchise in chicago who made them and referred to them as a panzerati.

Your favorite spinach pie recipie with ricotta is great in a calzone. Just make sure you’ve got the carmelized onions in there.


Google panzerotti (panzerotto is singular) and poke around. Just like any other pizza cousin, there are lots of variants, and even one claim in the wikipedia article that someone has a trademark or patent claim on the ‘original’ version. Basically, it is a fried calzone of some version or other . . .whatever the given definition of calzone happens to be in the local orthodoxy.

Whatever you want to call it, it is worth a try to get a tasty new dish. Try some assertively seasoned Italian meats in it with some good mozz. Hard to go wrong unless you seal poorly.