Would you be willing to offer a free pizza?

Would you be willing to offer a free small pizza for any of the following reasons?

  1. If a local consumer registers for your Pizza Rewards program?
  2. If a local consumer registers for your Birthday Club?
  3. If a local consumer registers for a one - time “Buy One Get One Free”?
  4. If a customer tries a new kind of pizza?

What other conditions would you consider worthy of a free pizza?

This will be helpful to PMQ for our upcoming marketing survey. Would you have any other questions you’d like to see on the survey?

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Steve Green PMQ Publisher

I have used all 4 applications,

We offer free 12" medium pizzas to new movers. We have gift certificates for free 8" pizzas that we give to events with many participants such as classroom goal rewards, library readying programs, and teacher/staff appreciation moments. We have gift certificates for free 14" pizzas that we give out in smaller quantities for raffle items, door prizes, or whatever they can come up with to benefit their charitable event.

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We regularly use 1 and 2.

We have deals with apartments in the area, in which they give out our “gift packets” that include a free 12 inch. Packet includes small items like logo magnet, cup, menu, etc.

Started this about 6 months ago, to help with the low dining room during the pandemic. Many new movers into the area tend to order delivery first week.

I do 1 & 2 regularly. number 2 is also part of our rewards program. I have just made the bold move to advertise a free small 10" cheese pizza in a local publication for 3 days. It will be interesting to see the results.I am not a fan of print so it will be a good test to see if it is revelent any more. If I pick up 100 new customers, it could add $40,000 in sales for about $2000. It will be interesting to see what happens.

How did the print advertising work? Is print really dead?


We have a good news paper in town. They claim their circulation is 18,000.
I have never had any success with them in the past. This was my last attempt with them. I read a book called the Wizard of Ads, he said the problem is tnot who you use, it is your ad. I took out a 1/2 page ad that looked more like a news article. I sent an attachment.
I offered a free small cheese pizza. If they wanted pepperoni or some other topping I charged them $1 per topping.
I gave away 548 small pizzas in 3 days. It was crazy.
My food cost for the campaign was about $1,000. I made $1,100 on the up charge for the extra toppings which paid my food cost. The ad cost me $700.
It was the best sales week I have had in 23 months.
I also had a lot of help from people with more experience in advertising in restaurant business.


Wes Kronberg