Would you buy my sauce?

Hi Everyone,

I am thinking of starting a company whereby I market to independent owners. I have been working for 2 years or so on a pizza sauce in my kitchen and am very confident about its taste. Anyway, I thought I would drive around an offer a gallon or so of my sauce for free and hope to obtain online orders based on that free sample. As I talk to co-packers the cheapest I will be able to produce the sauce is between $3-$4 a gallon (128 ounces). Is that price too high for you to be interested? Also, what type of packaging would be your preference pouches or cans? In the end, if I cannot beat the Syscos of the world on price then I think this is a non-starter. What is the most you would pay for a good quality sauce? Would a guy like me walking into your shop have any chance at selling you my sauce? I know I have a good product but I do not know if the barriers to entry are too large (i.e. Price of sauce and getting you to use my sauce instead of the homogenized tomato products sold by the huge companies). Any response to this is greatly appreciated.

Continued success and if you see a guy walking up to your door with a bag trust me there is only sauce in there.


If your market is the guys using pre-canned, straight from the package stuff, you might have a shot. For places like mine, we use the fresh=pack tomato products as a base for our own sauce. Your buying the same stuff and processing it another time reduces its value to me . . . more processed and seasoned.

It’s so easy to blend my own that I am not really in any interest to buy a prepared sauce unless I can go co-pack it myself and freeze it for my own use. Not THAT could be an idea. Even that seems silly when it takes 15 minutes to blend up 10 gallons or so on my own.

Where would I even look in Georgia or Alabama for a co-packer for something like this for my own self.

I have a list of co-packers in Georgia…we could make the sauce at those locations

how about if i gave you 2 gallons for you to try?

I used to work at a pizza chain where they changed from a sauce made in house with a pre-measured spice pack to a custom canned sauce…It did not come out very well and in the end most of the canned sauce was sold off at fire sale prices just to get rid of it after the store owners refused to buy it…You need to do extensive testing to make sure the finished product is as good as it is now…RCS…

should i hire a food consultant in addition to the chefs provided by the co-packers to help with maintaining quality. Some of the things i have heard suggest adding a preservative and increasing the citric acid so that the sauce could be packaged in a pouch. Cans seem almost untouchable because of the run size.

I would be interested, am buying canned now and add spice pack to it. I am located in Tn, not to far from Ga. for shipping purposes

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If you were to give me two gallons to try, I would not refuse it. I would state up fron that the chances are vert slim (depending on pricing) that I will use the product. I pay, including labor, less than $4 a gallon for my sauce. I know the quality of spice added, the tomatoes, and the consistency of blend.

If your sample and product pricing matched that and stayed that way, I would consider trying the sample. For me, it would need to be a product that is flexible enough to make minor modifications for pasta and dipping sauces as well.

Funny . . . I’ll fight to keep my sauce, but don’t find the money for my own dough machine. I guess it is a matter of magnitude of cost right now.

I would have to say no. Here is why. Sauce is the base of all pizzas it is what can make or break a pizza joint. Generaly speaking most toppings are the same, pepperoni, pineapples, tomatoe, greenpeppers etc If you buy top quality they will all be close. But screw with the Cheese, dough or sauce and people will kill ya! Especially the sauce that is the flavor and my recipe is a secret and hasnt changed in 15 years, would I let you premake it for me? maybe with my recipe and my final say but I wouldnt want it sold to anyone else so I dont think it would be profitable for you.


I appreciate your time and responses. Here is a link that might answer your question:http://www.efsonline.uga.edu/EFS_NFB/pubs/GA%20Co-Packers%20List.pdf 8)

I am with pizzaman in that there is 0% chance…we havent changed my cheese, dough or sauce for 2 generations now and I can’t tell you how many LARGE companies try to get us to switch, so I can’t see an indy having any better chances

I better change the name…I am not an “indy”. :shock: Thanks for the response though.

“Indy”= independent. Meaning you are not one of the large food companies…

To be honest, your sauce would have to be crazy good to have any chance with me. And I mean, way better than anything I’ve ever had before. As others have said, it is very difficult to get us to change our sauces. Pepperoni, sure.

But you can never change my sauce or my sausage.

ga ga i ll be to try your product pls send me a sample email me john.barsoum at hotmail