Would you donate or discount for this?

I recently received this email and am a bit hesitant. Reading the website I am not sure if this is a government funded organization or a for profit company. The feeling I get is they are out for a free lunch. The people who would be coming to this event are mostly from small towns that are quite a distance away and are likely going to want to go to a dine in restaurant when they are in the city. Since I am DelCo I am not sure what if any business this would bring to me. What do you think?

Edit: After posting this I looked at the registration site for the Conference and for attendees to be included in the Food Fair they must pay $10 each.

XXXXX Library System is hosting the Rural Libraries Conference, taking place September 25 and 26 in XXXXXXX. This year, our Thursday evening social event is a Food Fair hosted at XXXXX Library System headquarters. We’re asking XXXXXX’s best restaurants to each provide items from their menus, giving attendees the chance to taste a little bit of everything from everyone. We are expecting around 50 attendees for this event, and we are asking local restaurants to consider supporting it through donations or discounts on food for the event.

Attached is an information sheet with more details about the Food Fair. Not only would the 50 Food Fair attendees have the chance to taste your food, but your participation would give your restaurant the chance to promote itself to the nearly 200 conference attendees (the majority of whom are from XXXXXX and the surrounding area), as your logo would be included on conference signage and materials. You would also be supporting an important professional development opportunity for staff in northern libraries, and thus supporting education and learning throughout the XXXXX region.

Please feel free contact me by phone or email at any time to discuss your involvement in this event. I look forward to hearing from you!

I would discount if anything, this event doesn’t sound like it will bring in a group that you could turn into regulars.

I do not think it would help you grow your business much, however, it would show some hospitality to visitors…So maybe call it a “public service”…And ypu never know, deliver a handful of pizzas and you may connect with a few local locals…I am sure the library has events from time to time that might need pizza…