Would you pay to have someone to clean oven

I have been the pizza industry for alongtime, and I have a question for evrybody here how much would you pay to have someone clean your oven? I as a owner would love to pass the buck and have someone clean my triple stack, because after already working 60-80 hrs I do not want to clean the ovens after close. So whats your opinon, I am thinking of opening a business that would take that headache away. Thanks in advance for your opinion!

I get my MM360 done 3 times per year @ $250 per time.

He comes out with a stainless steel trailer set up with caustic baths and high pressure hose.

The oven is dis-assembled, conveyor mat coiled, fingers taken out etc and all dropped in caustic bath then high pressure cleaned off.

The inner chamber is vacumed and thoroughly cleaned as is the motor, blower and fans. The window is taken out and caustic bathed and hosed. The outer is scrubbed and polished with stainless steel cleaning lotion, then everything is put back in place, especially the fingers in the rotation they came out.

All up it takes about 4 - 5 hours and the oven looks like new.

For $250 + 10% Goods and Services Tax (I claim this back anyway) it is not worth my time to do it myself, plus (as Nick calls me the “Australian Dope” :smiley: ) I don’t know how to anyway.

And he makes his own coffee on our machine to boot which saves me more time :slight_smile:


having cleaned a MM 360, I truly appreciate the self-cleaning mode of the CTX…

that said, I would pay…

I already pay employees to do it. If there was a service that would do it when I need it done I would pay in a minute. The last time we did it the employees put one of the ovens back together wrong and we had to take it all down and reassemble it. I would guess the total time to do two MMSuper 70s was in the area of 20 hours so it cost about $300.

On the other hand it creates hours in the off season which is good for keeping staff.

I have someone that cleans my coveyor ovens for $200 per deck. He insists that I allow him to clean once a month for that price, but typically he only shows up every 2 or 3 months. Better for me as I save significantly and only have to spend a few minutes to keep them looking spotless from the customers perspective.

I clean my ovens myself… Usually go in an hour early on a monday morning and clean one. I tear mine all down including conveyor and put the fingers and belt in a 45g trash can. Fill it up with water and 1 gallon of degreaser. Let it soak for about 3hrs and it comes out nice and shiny! Another hour or so to clean the stainless on the outside and it’s all finished.

Are you still using this service? what is the cost now ? Does he use high pressure steam? I am looking around for options to clean mine, thanks