would you rather own a bar than a pizza shop?

If you had the opportunity, would you sell your pizzeria to buy a local bar?

Pros and Cons?


Having owned a bar previous to launching this Pizzeria, I can tell you, in our state at least (texas) owning a bar is more trouble and liability then it’s worth - there are so many alcohol related regulations and liabilities…in my eyes, it’s simply not worth it.

Both are no doubt a lot of work, and of course, a bar is more profitable at first glance - but when you get past all the taxes, and what not…run…run far far away.

I’m now opening a Pizzeria, which admittingly is not a traditional pizzeria (we have a commercial kitchen, and a number of POWs (Pizzeria On Wheels) - which prep and cook the pizza as they are delivered/catered/etc.

Our bar served Pizza as a primary item before it was closed - so I wanted to find something that would let me milk both my experience in Pizza as well as my experience in the bar/nightclub scene, and a POW is perfect…I now use my contacts to serve bars/nightclubs that don’t serve food late night, as well as cater during lunch/dinner, and even serve limited breakfast pizzas downtown.