Wow ovens

Wondering for those of you that have them do you like them. How is the maintenance heat noise etc. Do they cook good? Found a used double stack for a good price. I am a little skeptical because of all the components and sensors that they have and if they break easily. I prefer the edge ovens my husband really likes the wow oven. We are looking to replace our Lincoln 1000s we have managed to miraculously keep them operational but don’t want to push our luck very much longer. Any info is much appreciated.

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I have a double stack and am looking to make it a triple. I saw those same ovens for sale and have thought a little bit about buying them but I do just need 1.

For cook they do very well. We run 5 min and 480 degrees. Everything cooks great. They are a little noisy and a little hot though. When they are in idle mode the are pretty quiet.

I haven’t spent anything on repairs yet ( 3 years ). We have had a fan belt break and a motor get clogged up with dust that we cleaned and it fired back up.

We have not had any issues with the components up to this point.

Our clients who have Edge ovens say they burn less gas, are quieter, and blow less heat into the kitchen.

George Mills

There is one that just came up for sale check it out

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Hi George,

Do you know what size hood I’d need for either the Edge 30 or Edge 40?

I wlll Have that info for you Tues.


The 39 would be 6 ft X 54 in the 40 would be 7 ft X 66 in

Ok good to know, thanks George!

Thanks again George. Could you tell me the cost you would charge for each oven including installation in Chicagoland area?

Send me your Email and I will send you a price. Include your zip code and address so I can calculate the shipping charges.
Installation will have to be by a local service company as they have to be locally licensed would you like a quote on a hood.

Sent. Thanks GM!