Wow ovens

We just picked up a double stack of wow ovens and are trying to fine tune the baking. We cook in a pan and are getting too much top heat and not enough bottom heat. Called tech support and they basically said you can’t cut the top heat. Does anyone have any advice on how to cut some top heat pizza is getting over cooked on top and not enough heat to bottom so the center of the pizza is not getting fully cooked.

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Call Middleby Marshall sales and see if they sell inserts for the fingers to cut the impingement. Our Edge ovens have them, they look like this… 20120929080608.jpg

Brad has the right Idea.
You can usually get them through your local service company
George Mills

Air impingement ovens control both top and bottom bake by adjusting the amount of air flowing to the top or bottom of the oven through the “fingers” which George has provided pictures of. By limiting the airflow through the top fingers you will lessen the top bake. There are a multitude of different top fingers to allow for fine tuning of the bake. Keep in mind that in many cases you might need to change more than one single set of fingers. P.M. me for more information on tuning your bake.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Tom sent you a pm thanks for the help

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