Wow what a week....!

Well after 3 months of hard work renovating a very small space -1250sq feet we finally opened. My wife and I worked very hard to build a place we could be proud of. We put in slate floors, granite counter-tops, wood beams that are 18"thick, velvet curtains, warm, deep rich colors and seating for 10 with a big 50" plasma. Based upon everything I read on this board I projected sales in the first week of $4000. We ended up doing $10,000 for the week and we are to a great start this week with a Monday of $1250. The response is overwhelming - they are just not used to the ingredients and quality of product we are delivering. Long days for my wife and I but all the hard work is paying off. We both have been in the restaurant business for years in large establishment’s ($7-8 million stores) but this is the most rewarding.

Great job. It is nice to hear of such a successful start.

Now that s what i like to here…

Way to go “Cheesie”…

Congrats, that is huge…

Can you please advice to use on how you accomplished such a feat? How did you promote or advertise your first week of opening? That is truly amazing.

Good Job!

I would love to see pictures of your place, It sounds awesome.

Yes! Please post pics! Congratulations!